Monday, 11 August 2008

Eisteddfod / Nicole Cooke - missed opportunities

Saw a brilliant liitle programme on Saturday afternoon about The National Eisteddfod, a national celebration of everything Welsh, made in English by a Sikh presenter (there's multicultural for you). Made me realise that it really isn't just for Welsh speakers, they even give you headphones to translate some of the events in the big pink tent into English. So mad that I didn't go as next year it will probably be miles away.
Even more mad that I had somehow missed hearing that Nicole Cooke was cycling this morning in the Womans road race (cycling on tarmac to you :)) in the Beiijing Olympics and missed this wonderful woman's gold medal run. She has worked so hard for this you have to be thrilled for her. Not only was it Great Britains 200th all time medal in the Olympics , their first one at Beiijing and above all the first gold for a welsh person since 1972.
A great day for this little country of Wale. Congratulations Nicole

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